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With OXD Software Movie Organizer you can get your movie collection organized
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If you are a real lover of cinema and spend a lot of free time watching different movies then probably you have your own personal collection of favorite films. If such collection is quite big and doesn’t stop growing then you need a handy tool for creating and managing database that contains detailed information about each movie. Movie Organize 2.7 by OXD Software is a great candidate for becoming such a tool. It includes a wide range of features for describing and sorting films. The application’s main window contains a toolbar, list of films and some tabs that provide detailed movies description. The list of films consists of rows and columns. Each row identifies one movie and each column identifies one film’s preference, like title, genre, playing time and things like that. You can easily customize view of the list of films by hiding and unhiding movie’s preferences on your demands. Movie Organize 2.7 includes fast and convenient tool for films searching in almost all fields. Detailed help file and a range of good tips helps you to get all information about application performance.

Ilya Barmenkov
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